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Zážitkové centrum vedy Aurelium

Science Center Aurelium makes science accessible for all and engaging especially for young people in order to inspire them to future careers of scientists in natural or technical sciences. Scientific knowledge is hidden in entertaining experiments. Informal learning methods and balancing elements of play and education are the fundamental principles of sharing knowledge. Aurelium is based on interactive hands-on exhibits. Therefore, it gives all visitors the opportunity to experience everything and figure out the hidden mechanism by themselves.

The name of Science Center Aurelium stems from the name of Aurel Stodola, who was an important Slovak physicist, technician and the founder of the theory of steam and gas turbines. He was a professor of Albert Einstein, whose well-known quote "The important thing is not to stop questioning." is one of the essential principles of Aurelium.

Aurelium`s interactive exhibits cover the fields of Mechanics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Optics, Electromagnetism and Human, Ecology & Renewable Resources. Together with other activities it creates an overall experience of discovering science and technology in innovative way.

Science Center Aurelium was officially open on November 7th, 2016 and is open to the public but also for school visits. Since the opening Aurelium has been visited by 65 000 visitors who could experience the hands-on approach where learning and play always go hand in hand.

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