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Universeum AB

Universeum is Sweden’s largest Science Center and an exciting experience for the entire family. Over our seven floors we have gathered together masses of adventure and ingenious facts.

In our house, you’ll find six self-contained zones:

Water’s Way, which recreates the entire Swedish landscape under one roof, from the high fells to the Baltic Sea, featuring native fish, birds and amphibians.

The Ocean Zone, with two very large and several smaller aquariums, both tropical and temperate.

Deadly baeuties, with cobras, rattlesnake, mambas and other venomous animals from all over the world.

The Rainforest Zone, where tropical plants, birds, reptiles and amphibians thrive in 28°C temperatures.

The Kaleido Zone, which looks at the whole scope of the physical universe from subatomic particles to whole galaxies.

The Explora Zone, which focuses on the theme of communication in all its aspects. Both of the ‘science’ zones feature a huge variety of interactive displays and exhibits.

The whole package is wrapped up in a high-tech building engineered for the future with sophisticated energy and water recycling systems.