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Universe Science Park

The adventure park where fun is a science

The Universe Science Park was founded by Jorgen Mads Clausen (son of the Danfoss founder, Manufacturer Mads Clausen) and his wife Anette Clausen. Jorgen and Anette Clausen had for many years a dream to open a park that would enthuse children and young people for science, technology and entrepreneurship. That dream became true when the park opened in 2005 – and today the park is the biggest adventure park in the southern region of Denmark.

Universe, located on the island Als, embraces a variety of exciting and different attractions from Segways, a 5D-cinema, rocket construction and a science show to the aqua area “Water Works.” The park invites the guests to acquire knowledge about science through play and learning facilities by discovering the park and explore the many hands-on facilities and attractions on aerodynamics by constructing a rocket and learn how long it can fly – or score points by using own energy or play strategic against other guests.

Universe offers a wide range of events to schools that cover all levels from kinder gardens to youth educations. Approximately 15,000 pupils visit the park every year and complement their ordinary education with teaching from innovation and programming to controlling a robot or 3D print your own product on specialist level. The Universe Science Park also offers facilities for meetings, team building and customized evening events.

The Universe Science Park is one of 16 knowledge pedagogical activity centres and cooperates closely together with universities and youth educations in Denmark.