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Teknikens Hus

Teknikens Hus is a science centre located in Lulea, Sweden, whose mission is to raise interest in science and technology, especially among children and young people. Science and technology in real world applications is a cornerstone in the approach of Teknikens Hus. The Science centre opened in 1988 as one of the first in Sweden and has an average of 120 000 visitors every year. The special concept of Teknikens Hus is to take reality as a starting-point for deepening the knowledge of science and technology. This results in a more holistic approach as compared to the common science and technology education in schools and science museums. This is a conscious choice in order to attract girls as well as boys. Examples of some of the existing main themes are; mining and steel production technology, wood and paper technology, water and hydro power technology, space and space technology, household technology and communications. All exhibits are participatory and each experiment is made an integrated part of the environment to avoid splitting up reality into phenomena and events isolated from each other.