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e-Castex developed the European online database for scientific travelling exhibitions, Extra, to stimulate the international transfer of scientific touring exhibitions between natural history museums, science centres and museums at large. e-Castex was funded by the European Commissions Science and Society programme.

This website provided a crucial tool for institutions in the field of science communication interested in renting, hiring, buying, selling, lending and loaning science exhibitions. And not only exhibitions - the tailor-made database contains dossiers on collections, hands-on, specimens, objects, models, exhibits, images, films, audio and science shows. We used the term item which can be anything scientific, cultural and museological to be loaned, rented or purchased. They were uploaded to Extra by organisations across Europe.

List of project partners

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium (project coordinator)
Natural History Museum, Barcelona, Spain
Natural History Museum, Aarhus, Denmark
Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Ecsite, the European Network for Science Centres and Museums