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The MUDIC science museum (the acronym: Museo Didáctico e Interactivo de Ciencias – Didactic and Interactive Museum of Science), a scientific institution located in the Alicante province in Spain. Our museum is very recent, interactive and is exactly located in the Miguel Hernandez University in Orihuela (Alicante). The museum was inaugurated in 2008 by Nobel Laureate in physics Dr. George Smooth. The purpose of MUDIC is providing a focus of scientific learning to the local zone. Moreover, a new concept called “Micro-museums of Science” is being developed by the institution, providing a new approach to scientific disclosure, and being an innovative centre for the research in science education. We are currently conducting scientific papers, conferences, courses, seminars, and above all, receiving visits and training to all schools in the neighboring provinces. Staff is composed of many science teachers (from both college and high school levels), and visits are guided by instructors recruited and trained by the staff. MUDIC-VBS is a ECSITE member since 2012.