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Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Miraikan is future oriented unique science center in Tokyo. All the exhibits are supervised by leading scientists all over the world and there are science communicators who link scientists and engineers with the general public. They create communication between science and society, by explaining scientific ideas, conveying fascinating aspects of research to visitors, and by communicating questions and expectations from the general public to scientists. Their 3 main activities are conducting demonstrations and interpreting exhibits on the exhibition floor, planning and producing exhibitions and events, and disseminating scientific information and creating networks with other organizations. Miraikan houses a jointly operated research area, and research activities are being carried out daily on multiple projects in a separate area behind the corridor of the Exhibition Zone from the third to fifth floor. In the spirit of sharing what a research laboratory studying cutting-edge technology looks like with the public, each research laboratory is equipped with a glass wall that allows visitors to see the activities of researchers from the corridors. Through this operation, Miraikan aims to share the cutting-edge science and technology with the whole society as part of enriched human culture.