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IPS Full dome Festival Brno - The winners

IPS Fulldome Festival Brno 2016 - Trophy

The man from the 9 dimensions

The Brno Observatory and Planetarium has hosted 152 planetarians and fulldome fans from all over the world, who have see in total 66 shows for digital planetariums during 26 hours and 25 minutes.

The festival was held from 15 to 17 June 2016 and the competition part of the festival included shows from producers from over 15 countries. The furthest places the festival visitors came from were New Zealand and Brazil. A lot of the shows came from Japan, South Korea, China and the United States. Each film brought its viewers a breathtaking experience, a fantastic story of the world, of which we can see just a little part over our heads every night. So, who are the winners of the three festival prizes in the shape of crystal balls?

  • The Best Educational Production Award sponsored by the IPS-Eugenides Foundation: The man from the 9 dimensions, produced by Ecsite member National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
  • The Audience Award: Solar Superstorms, a co-production of Spitz Creative Media, NCSA’s Advanced Visualization Lab, and Thomas Lucas Productions, in association with Fiske Planetarium at the University of Colorado (Boulder)
  • The Brno Observatory and Planetarium Director’s Award: Incoming!, produced by the California Academy of Sciences


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