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EXPLORA Il Museo dei Bambini di Roma

MUSEO DEI BAMBINI SOCIETÀ COOPERATIVA SOCIALE ONLUS is a private non profit company, established in 1998 to manage the structure of Explora, the children’s museum of Rome. Explora opened on the 9th of May 2001, supported by the City Council office for Childhood and Family Affairs – Assessorato alle Politiche per la Città delle Bambine e dei Bambini, by The National Research Council CNR – Consiglio Nazionale Ricerche, Psychology Department. It’s the first Italian private Children’s Museum developed on a central area. It takes up 2,000 sqm for the Pavilion, 700 sqm for services, offices and shop, 2,000 sqm parking area, 2,000 sqm playground. It is free of architectural barriers and environment-friendly, made of recycled, recyclable and non-toxic materials. Explora welcomes more than 115.000 visitors each year with exhibitions, activities, education programmes, and events dedicated to children and families. First of all, Thermie European Community program allowed to equip the Museum with a first photovoltaic plant on the roof of the main pavilion. It produces 15kW of energy and it has become an important landmark for the city of Rome and Italy, for many experts in the sector. For its photovoltaic plant Explora has been selected among the first 10 projects in its category at the Energy Globe Award 2002, over more than 1300 projects presented by 98 countries. Explora received the third Eurosolar 2001 award. Thanks to GSE, in 2007 another photovoltaic system has been installed: it produces 18kW of energy, therefore Explora produces 33kW of solar energy. Renewable Energy is the topic for some school educational programs and weekend workshops. These activities allow the museum to teach science through interactive workshops and non formal learning. The museum also participates to festivals, such as the Science festival (may 2007), organising workshops and seminars. Explora is partner of SEE the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign a European Commission initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme, to raise awareness and change the landscape of energy. Explora is partner of Scicom Programme (A 7th FrameWork Programme on Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities Project full title: European Network of Science Centres in communicating energy-related topics). Museo dei Bambini SCS Onlus obtained the EN ISO 9001-2000 Certification in order to facilitate its continual improvement and quality’s standard. , Explora is organised like a play town where everything can be observed, touched and experimented with. Young visitors come into contact with everyday events and situations relating to the self, to society, environment, communication and new technologies. Children are offered opportunities to discover the mysteries of the world surrounding them: they can experiment “how things work” both by themselves and with the help of facilitators. The museum offers activities to schools and families. Temporary exhibitions change every 4-5 months. Some of the topics of the workshops: paper recycle, home safety, music and sounds, design, building, energy.