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Sharing is caring! Open licenses in practice

17.06.2023 | 16:30 - 17:45

Saturday 17 Jun 2023

Vassali Hall

Vassali Hall
Equity & Inclusion

Open licenses such as Creative Commons are increasingly used to share creative works. However, in science engagement activities such as exhibitions, workshops and other programming, sharing the results via open licenses seems to be largely off the radar.

This session will provide first-hand experiences and successes, but also failures and limitations of organisations attempting to use open licenses as a way to collaborate with stakeholders and increase their reach. The panelists will contribute their diverse backgrounds in exhibition production, tinkering activities and EU projects to discuss potential best-practices in the field.

Project ideas by the participants and panelists will be discussed and evaluated in small groups regarding their potential for open licensing. Some of the most challenging issues (from choosing a license, digitising exhibits, or sharing data) will be presented at the end.

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

Participants will...

  • gain a better understanding of what open licenses are and which practical potentials and challenges should be considered when using them to share creative works.
  • benefit from the diverse set of backgrounds of the panelists, which represent various different areas of activity typical for museums/science centres and related organisations.


Exhibition manager
Wissenschaft im Dialog

Session speakers

IMAGINARY will contribute with 15 years of experience in collaborative creating, staging and sharing open source mathematics exhibitions. More than 300 open source exhibition activities have been organised by a large community with open IMAGINARY exhibits in more than 50 countries and 30 languages. IMAGINARY offers a platform, where all can upload and download open exhibit data (images, videos, source code, building plans, etc). We will share our experience in community management and also in open-sourcing existing exhibits.
Steph balancing a sculpture on her finger
Tinkering Specialist
United States
At the Tinkering Studio, we’re building on our institution’s tradition of openly sharing ideas (the Exploratorium Cookbooks include “recipes” to support people in building their own takes on exhibits). Now, we’re working to move beyond open source sharing into actively encouraging riffs and renditions as people pick up ideas and take them in new directions. We’ll share examples of resources we develop, driving design principles, and examples of how groups picked up ideas and made them their own.
Project manager
Ecsite brings in a wealth of experience in the areas of open access and open licensing and their role in EU-funded research. Clara will contribute with insights on why open content from the world of EU-funded projects often fails to achieve significant impact, ending in online repository “graveyards”, and how this can be addressed by open licensing.
Senior Project Manager
Stephanos will cover the topic of open content in education and its role in Teacher/Learner (TL) communities in the framework of large-scale EU-funded initiatives. Potential synergies within Ecsite’s extensive network of science centres, museums, academia and industry will be discussed.

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