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Sensitive science-society topics: risks, fears and responsibilities

15.06.2023 | 12:00 - 13:15

Thursday 15 Jun 2023

Michel'Angelo Grima Hall

Michel'Angelo Grima Hall
Exhibit development

What current trainings helps the mediator to work on his or her discourse when the subject is controversial within society? How to share the scientific message with the public while questioning their personal convictions as citizens? How to manage the public and emotions when its convictions are contrary to the current scientific knowledge? How to be critical?

Speakers will present differents projects adressing sensitive science-society topics such as mental health, cancer, vaccination, clitoris unknown anatomy, collapse and climate urgency.

Thoses 6 examples of sensitive topics would be presented. Which risks were taken? What fears emerged? And then a long exchange time with the audience would be assured. There, the audience gets two paperboards to read and complete together with stickers and markers.

1) Sensitive topics: wich one(s) you would like to deal with in a short future?

2) Fears: which fears and real risks emerge when you treat these subjects?

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

This session could help to share difficulties the community can have to create offer on contraversial topics. It will inspire participant and hopefully challenge them to invent new offers dealing with sensitive topics.

We’ll bet mixing a classic round table format with an active participation on cloud words will boost the exchange, will empower parcitipants to settle himself or herself on certain subjects and help us all in our working daylife to face our social responsiblities.



Session speakers

Exhibition Producer
Heidi was the project manager of Heureka Goes Crazy, an exhibition on mental health. Heidi will share around this project, fears, risks, and results. What has changed since the opening of Heureka goes Crazy?
Annemarie van Eekeren
head of exhibitions and collections
Annemarie will share her experience at NEMO Science Museum on questions of climate urgency in the temporary exhibition 'Energy Junkies' and issues on mental health and gender in the permanent exhibition 'Humania'.
Chargée de programmation
EPPDCSI, Universcience
Lisa will talk about vaccination, the way Universcience dealt with this question during the Pasteur Exhibit and during the Covid-19 crisis with scientists invited for panels. She will describe the project around the clitoris and sex education around the exhibit "De l'Amour".

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