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Knowing, growing and showing: tools and frameworks for creating STEM Equity experiences in science centres and museums

17.06.2023 | 12:00 - 13:15

Saturday 17 Jun 2023

David Bruce Hall

David Bruce Hall
Equity & Inclusion

Hear from practitioners from diverse settings about their work in STEM Equity. See how international practitioners approach STEM Equity, the unique challenges they face and what tools and frameworks they used to inform their thinking and their practice.

Each speaker will introduce their work to support equity, share a project they're involved with, and how it supports equitable practice. They will share what frameworks, guidelines, theories and examples that informed that practice.

The panel will then invite participants to engage in small group discussion, a 'mini-clinic', in which participants bring a particular problem of practice and others at their table offer suggestions for what they might find helpful.

This session will offer real-world insight into the opportunities and challenges of adapting frameworks and tools into different cultural and societal structures and highlight opportunities for authentic and effective engagement and collaborations.

This session is part of the Inclusion and Equity conference track.

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

Knowledge about useful tools available and how these have been used in various settings

Inspiration to actively focus on inclusion and equity in their work

Ideas on how to begin working on equity and inclusion

Contacts who have experience with equity and inclusion and are willing to share this in a community of practice

Participants will have an opportunity to share their own experiences and challenges and explore some of these tools as they reflect on their own practice.


Senior Research Fellow
IOE (UCL's Faculty of Education & Society)
United Kingdom

Session speakers

A photo of a blond woman in a blue jacket in front of a wood fence
Assistant Professor of Museum Education
University of Florida
United States
Dr. Megan Ennes is the Assistant Curator (Professor) of Museum Education in the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. A former museum educator, her research focuses on the use of online learning in museums as well as how to support the professional development of museum educators. She also examines how museums can support the science interests and career aspirations of under-represented groups through family programming and civic engagement. Her work uses Community Cultural Wealth Theory to approach her research from an assets based perspective rather than a deficit perspective.
PhD Student
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
Porto Alegre
Gabriela Heck is a Brazilian PhD student that researches equity and inclusion of people with disabilities in the STEM field and in science museums in the Brazilian context. Also, she has a science communication profile at social media, where she translates STEM materials from English to Portuguese, making them more accessible. For being a student in South America, she doesn’t have the resources to physically attend at the event - considering the expenses for flight and accommodation, in addition to the registration fee. Otherwise, she’s been working with the theme proposed and has some expertise that can contribute to the session, in addition to being an opportunity to include young Latin-American researchers in international discussion on equity.
woman wearing glasses and dark blue blazer, she is smiling
Director, Strategic Partnerships and Networks
Sandra Corbeil is leading STEM Equity for Ingenium - Canada's national museums of science and innovation. As a national leader, Ingenium is coordinating Canadian organisational cooperation and collaboration on exploring the use of STEM Equity tools and frameworks such as Science Capital and the Equity Compass and how these can be used in Canada. In Canada, work on equity links to EDIA (equity, diversity, inclusion and accessability) as well as work on Truth and Reconciliation with indigenous communities. She will share her experience in this unique context.
Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala
African Gong- the Pan-African Network for the Popularisation of Science & Technology, and Science Communication
South Africa
Dr Elizabeth Rasekoala has championed, advocated, researched, presented and written widely on diversity, socio-cultural inclusion and race and gender equality issues in STEM education and skills development. She has a uniquely multi-faceted diversity of experience, skills and expertise that will add depth to our presentation. Dr. Rasekoala is the President of African Gong – the Pan-African Network for the Popularisation of Science & Technology, and Science Communication.
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives
Ontario Science Centre
Catherine will share her experience working with science capital as part of a large science centre in Canada and working in collaboration with other centers and museums to explore its value in strategic planning.

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