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Design Process of Exhibits and Programmes with an Equity Lens.

14.06.2023 | 09:00 - 17:45

Wednesday 14 Jun 2023

Exhibition Building Level 1

Exhibition Building Level 1
Equity & Inclusion

This is a one-day workshop targeted to exhibit and programme developers who are interested in incorporating an equity lens into their current and future exhibits and programmes. During the workshop, participants will understand the building blocks of inclusive design, will work collaboratively in creating an exhibition and/or a programme, experiencing the full equitable user journey, from ideation all the way through marketing and evaluation. During the workshop, participants will pitch their ideas to colleagues with disabilities and experts in inclusive design. Prototypes will be tested with participants from other pre-conference workshops, to receive feedback and iterate. In the hopes the Diversci Collective is a neighboring pre-conference workshop, it would be ideal if they can participate in the testing and give feedback. The facilitators will act as mentors and advisors while participants create their exhibition going through the stages the facilitators lead. Everyone is welcome!

Outcomes: what will participants get from this session? Skills, knowledge, experience etc.

Experience the full process of equitable user experience by prototyping an exhibit and/or programme.

Acquire tools and strategies to design content that can cater the same message to a diverse array of audiences

Practice principles of inclusive design and incorporate it to their own previous expertise in exhibit and programme design

Receive practical advice on how to produce inclusive exhibits and programmes from experts

Create an inclusive, fun, engaging and creative environment


Amparo Leyman Pino
San Francisco
United States

Session speakers

Head of Research & Development
Annkatrin is an expert in promoting inclusion through immersive experiences and exhibitions. For many years, she has worked with social organisations, Social Entrepreneurs and museums to set up Dialogue Exhibitions ( such as “Dialogue in the Dark”). She worked with people with disabilities in various geographies, giving support in all phases of an exhibition project. In her role as Head of R&D she now creates exhibitions that are purpose driven, inclusively designed and accessible for all.
Science Museum Group Academy Manager
The Science Museum Group
United Kingdom
Beth is a pioneer at the Science Museum Group in using an equitable approach to engage all audiences in STEM. Among her strengths, she will contribute facilitating and sharing reflections point to consider when developing and delivering a programme and exhibition focused on social and wider challenges to inclusion. She believes in iteration as a learning process to experiment and try ideas until the final product responds to the needs of a wide array of visitors. With her colleagues a the Science Museum Group, she has developed a science capitial-informed approach that will be one of the frameworks to be considered in the workshop as a layer of reflection and design.
Natural History Museum
United Kingdom
Bronwyn O’Reilly is the editor in the interpretation team at the Natural History Museum in London, and is currently creating an inclusive language guide to support the museum’s interpretation developers. She will use her experience to help participants think about the ways they can extend their visitor welcome beyond the museum visit.
Inclusive manager
Géraldine is the head of the accessibility department at Universcience, she leads the efforts in developing environments, exhibits and programmes that are truly accessible to all visitors regardless their location, socio-economic status, language, gender, abilities, or disabilities. Geraldine and her colleagues at Universcience are champions in placing accessibility at the heart of all their projects, she will teach us how to incorporate techniques and strategies so participants can troubleshoot together and solve what are the things people can do, incorporating the five senses, and working alongside with the people with disabilities to learn their needs and develop best practices.
Director of Exhibit Development
San Francisco
United States
Denise King is an expert in idea gathering and hands-on prototyping for exhibits and programs. She has worked on many exhibitions through her roles as exhibit developer, lead developer and currently director of exhibit development at the Exploratorium. She received her masters in Ecology, and thinks diversity in the world’s healthy ecosystems should be mirrored in our diverse, social museum experiences. Her contribution to the workshop will be to help the participants make their ideas into a physical representation.

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