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Ecsite Annual Conference 2019

Pushing boundaries
Copenhagen, Denmark 6 June 2019 - 8 June 2019

400+ professionals speak at the Ecsite Conference each year

They team up and submit session proposals in a bottom-up call curated by the Programme Committee, resulting in a rich, diverse and unique programme.

Sessions have recently been selected by the Conference Programme Committee - browse through selected sessions. They will be available in the form of an online schedule when registration opens on 13 February. 

You can now refine your session description if needed: review its abstract, add speakers and convenors, change format and keywords etc. You have until the end of Thursday 24 January 2019 to do so. Your abstract will then be “frozen” and edited by the Ecsite team.

If your session was accepted conditionally you will have received remarks from the Programme Committee. You also have until 24 January to act upon them, after which the Programme Committee will check that remarks were implemented.

Note that in order to make the programme easier to read we would like to try shorter abstracts this year: if you can, reduce your abstract to 900 characters including spaces. If your session's title contains the words "pushing boundaries" we also recommend you to change it: there are so many similar titles that most of them will have to be changed. Generally speaking we recommend simple, descriptive titles that clearly state what to expect from a session.

In order to encourage diversity, you cannot be involved in more than three main conference sessions: two as a speaker and one as a convenor, or the contrary: two as a convenor and one as a speaker.  If you are involved in more than three accepted sessions, please step down from some of them and find a replacement for yourself. Pre-conference workshops are considered a separate matter, this rule is only for the main conference.

Bear in mind that speakers and convenors pay the same conference fee as all other participants and they need to register.

Here's what you need to know about your role.

Convenors' role

The convenor of a session is the person who makes sure that the session actually takes place on the given time and day and that all speakers are well briefed, show up on time, etc.

Before the conference, the convenor is responsible for

  • Keeping all session-related details updated in the online programme (abstract, speakers, contributions, outcomes, etc)
  • Making sure there will be no repetition or overlap between presentations
  • Ensuring coherence between the speakers - each speaker should have an idea of what the others are going to talk about
  • Defining in which order speakers are lined up
  • Gathering all session's presentations and uploading them in time onto the conference system at the convention centre. The technicians here will need to know in which order they come.


During the session, the convenor will

  • Act as a presenter or moderator, making sure the audience have a great experience in the session
  • Take charge of everything that will make the session flow smoothly: checking that everything is in place before the session, reminding participants of social media hashtags, keeping an eye on the time, making sure evaluation forms are filled in…


After the conference, the convenor will

  • Collect and upload the session's legacy (= striking ideas, conclusions, surprises or happenings to be recorded for the future. Include links to resources or presentations stored on external platforms, if applicable).


Speakers' role

Before the conference, speakers will

  • Ask the convenor for all needed information, if not provided well on time
  • Update their profile information (name, job title, organisation) via the online session form
  • Deliver a detailed description of their individual contribution to the session. This detailed information will not be published in the printed programme but will be available on the website.


After the conference, speakers will

  • Send to the session's convenor all info relevant to build the session's legacy


A special reception is held for all the speakers & convenors of the Ecsite Conference. It will take place on Wednesday 5 June at 18.30. An invitation is sent a few weeks ahead of the conference.

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Check out our compilation of everything you need to know in detail about speaking and convening opportunities and responsibilities. (how to submit sessions, speakers & convenors roles, session formats, guidelines for uploading, etc)

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