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The REV Group

The REV Group stimulates and helps facilitate research and evaluation in science centres and museums across Europe.

"REV" stands for "research and evaluation". Research and evaluation studies provide a basis for museums and science centres to improve their public offer, to participate in the science education research community and to demonstrate their value.

The REV Group pursues its aim through:
Providing physical and digital networking opportunities to make it easy for professionals with an interest in research and evaluation to connect with each other.

  • Facilitating wider understanding of current research and evaluation through communicating the:
    • results and outcomes (the “what”) of current evaluation and research studies.
    • methods and processes (the “how”) of current evaluation and research studies.
  • Enabling members to conduct their own research and evaluation studies and share their findings about results and methods.
  • Promoting the value of conducting research and evaluation.
  • Becoming a reference point for the Ecsite Board about research an evaluation in science centres and museums.

The target audience of the REV Group is anyone engaged with or interested in the process and results of evaluation and research being conducted in science centres and museums e.g. academic researchers, in-house evaluators, evaluation consultants and exhibition and programme developers etc.

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