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Space Group Pre-Conference Workshop "Space for Life" 2015 - Report

  • July 2015
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"Space for Life" Pr

In June 2015 38 members of the Space Group from 12 countries gathered for a two-day pre-conference workshop during the Ecsite Annual Conference in Trento, Italy to explore together possibilities to develop new tools, educational activities, exhibitions and events around three themes:

  • Monitoring the atmosphere and oceans from Space
  • The International Space Station: Living and working in Space
  • Is there life out there?

In this report we present outcomes of this two-day workshop. Among possible projects which will be developed in 2015-2016: educational tools and hands-on activities on oceans and atmosphere monitoring; an interactive exhibition on the daily lives of astronauts on board the ISS; an educational competition and game connected to the ExoMars Mission of ESA.

All interested science centres and museums are welcome to join three working groups and to contribute to the development of resources, new kits and tools.

If you would like to share your comments regarding this report or you have any questions, ideas, or suggestions, please contact Antonina Khodzhaeva at akhodzhaeva@ecsite.eu

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