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PlayDecide game on Future Food Systems

A group of students pictured around a table while playing a PlayDecide game

'As a just society, we should ensure everyone has enough affordable, nutritious food to lead a healthy life, while protecting people’s health, our climate, planet and communities.' This is the challenge taken up by a new PlayDecide game - a card game for simple, respectful and fact-based group discussion - created using the results of the EU-funded FIT4FOOD2030 project and with input from food system stakeholders and science engagement professionals.

Europe is investing in research and innovation to develop technologies, practices and business models that shape our future food systems. But this budget is limited. With the help of captivating issue, information and story cards, players can decide on which research and innovation to prioritise, voting on five policy proposals and writing their own.

You can download the PlayDecide game and instructions below and get playing. You can also register on and access the game via the PlayDecide website, which offers you step by step online support as a facilitator and the possibility to share the results of your session with the broader community of PlayDecide users. To get started, just log in at www.playdecide.eu and choose the option “plan a session”.

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FIT4FOOD2030 supported the development and implementation of the European Commission’s FOOD 2030 policy framework to transform European food systems towards greater sustainability, resilience, competitiveness and inclusion. The project integrated existing and emerging networks and infrastructures, creating Communities of Practice that foster RRI and use transformative learning processes to build competences among citizens and stakeholders who are not currently actively integrated in decision-making.