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Museum Workshop plan: "Aeronautics - Plane Crazy"

  • December 2014
  • Education & learning
  • Topics in science
  • Material for workshops and exhibitions

Aimed at family groups with children aged 8+ or school students aged 10-12. Introduction to the field of aeronautic engineering.

Developed as part of the ENGINEER project (2011-2014)

This activity is designed for family groups with children aged 8+ or for school students aged 10-12. In this workshop activity, participants are introduced to the Engineer Design Process (EDP) as well as some basic information about how paper aeroplanes fly. The participants are introduced to a variety of different designs for aircraft and are then challenged to build/adapt their designs in order to create a paper aircraft capable of flying through one or more hoops. The unit is currently designed as a workshop but could be adapted to be used as a “drop-in” activity.

Versions in other languages and editable version are available here.

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  • engineering
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ENGINEER supported the widespread adoption in Europe of innovative methods of science teaching and the introduction of engineering in schools. In November 2014, Engineer won a Scientix Award for the category "STEM teaching materials addressed to teachers".