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Let's Tech Together - Open Licence Exhibition about Innovation

Innovation is a concept that is often discussed but rarely understood. What is innovation? Is it reserved for the exclusive domain of engineers, or is it up to everyone to shape it? These are questions that the EU-funded project SocKETs explored from 2020 to 2023, and after its success last year, its exhibition, "Let’s Tech Together", is now available in open license, ready to be embraced and utilised by enthusiasts, educators, and innovators.

What is "Let’s Tech Together"?

The "Let’s Tech Together" exhibition is a journey into the heart of innovation. Breaking down barriers and misconceptions, it invites participants to explore the multiplicity of journeys and human adventures that constitute innovation. Whether you're fascinated by its history, curious about its present, or eager to shape its future, this exhibition offers a fresh perspective on innovation.

Available for Download

We are delighted to release the "Let’s Tech Together" exhibition under an open license. This means you can now download the entire exhibition package, complete with everything you need to design and host your own version. Click this link to access the file on OneDrive.

Join the Movement - Let's Tech Together!

"Let’s Tech Together" has been a journey fuelled by curiosity, collaboration, and a passion for demystifying innovation. As the SocKETs project has come to an end, we invite you to be part of the movement. Download the exhibition, set up your own exploration space, and let the conversations about innovation flourish.

SocKETs has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement No 958277.



SocKETs brings together six European partners with the aim to test and develop methods and tools to align the development of Key Enabling Technologies with societal values and needs. SocKETs will facilitate co-creation between industry representatives, researchers, policymakers, end-users, civil society representatives and citizens, and will develop tools for societal engagement in innovative technologies.