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Learnings from the SPARKS project


The present report marks the end of the Sparks project after 3 years of travelling of the exhibition, showcasing local success stories and engaging citizens and local stakeholders in brainstorming, debates and hands-on activities on the topic of health and its emerging technologies. As such, the report’s main objective is to conceptualise the knowledge acquired in the project, in order to contribute to the development of a wider Responsible Research and Innovation governance framework across Europe.
To this end, the report presents the results of the empirical research undergone throughout the project with the purpose of measuring Sparks outcomes in 3 main conceptual areas:

  • Public engagement with Sparks topic
  • Stakeholders (education, administration, government, business) engagement with Sparks topic
  • Successful tools/practices used to communicate to and engage citizens in the project

Additionally, the report highlights Sparks’ EU added-value in the implementation of the wider concept of RRI which reflects in the local and overall outcomes of the project in relation with each of the 3 concepts mentioned above.
Moreover, the report provides information on the research methodology and on the limits and the difficulties encountered during the data collection and analysis in order to provide recommendations for researchers involved in similar science engagement projects and on the wider implementation of RRI.

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Coordinated by Ecsite, Sparks was an ambitious engagement project on the topic of technology shifts in health and medicine. It raised awareness and communicated the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to Europeans in 29 countries.