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Feasibility Study - exploring three themes for further collaboration between ESA and Ecsite 2015

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After a successful cooperation of the Ecsite Space Group and ESA in development of the Rosetta Kit about the Rosetta mission in 2013-2015, the collaboration will continue and new projects will be developed. Space has a tremendous role in the sustainable development of natural resources base, monitoring the state of the oceans and atmosphere, extending our knowledge about life on Earth and beyond. In this context in 2015-2016 the Space Group will be working to develop collaborative projects around the theme “Space for Life”. As agreed at the last Space Group annual meeting in Greenwich in November 2014, representatives from museums and science centres decided to explore working together on three themes until the end of 2016:

  • Monitoring Oceans and Atmosphere from Space,
  • The International Space Station: Living and working in Space,
  • Is there Life out there?

A feasibility study is necessary to ensure possible project development options are identified and the preferred projects within the three proposed themes meet the criteria and needs of the ESA, as well as potential users – members of the Ecsite network. Ecsite conducted the feasibility study in August-September 2015 with the goal to assess the relevance of each theme and readiness to implement and use the outcomes of the projects among the Ecsite members, the demand for these three themes/concrete projects/tools among members of the whole Ecsite network.

For further information about the feasibility study, please contact Antonina Khodzhaeva at akhodzhaeva@ecsite.eu

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