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Water, The Exhibition

Water the exhibition provides an opportunity to follow water on its
surprising journey, across 21 small islands: from its birth in the cosmos to
arrival on Earth.
An exciting travel going with the flow. 

L'exposition EAU au Muséum

The exhibition deals with WATER in all of its states and its universal nature; everybody’s water and water for everyone. It is organised into three separate parts:

· Water & Life: water is essential to life, the living, species and environments. This part focuses more on scientific (the physics/chemistry of water) and naturalistic (water in the ecosystems) aspects.

· Water & Man: forever and everywhere, Man has established himself next to water and maintained strong links with this natural resource. This part focuses more on technical (engineering, hydraulics, energy, etc.) and symbolic (the cultural role of water) aspects.

· Water & Societies: water is an available but fragile resource which is part of everybody’s shared heritage. This part focuses both on the more personal (on the level of each individual) and more planetary (on the level of humankind) aspects.

The exhibition is made up of independant modules so it can be adapted to all types of venues and can be presented in spaces of between 150 m² and 250 m², either grouped together as one single display or split between two or three separate spaces.

This is an interactive exhibition which invites the public on a walk of discovery, following the current alongside a diverse range of materials and tools offering models, casts, specimens, audiovisual aids and interactive experiences, etc.

“Water, the Exhibition” is an exhibition aimed at the general public, but is particularly well-adapted to young people, school children and families.

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The exhibition is really easy to adapt in other languages. It travels in 17 flight cases.



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Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

The Natural History Museum of Toulouse

150 years after its founding, the Museum again opened its doors in 2008 after remaining closed for 10 years while it was undergoing a complete redesign. Now reorganised to reflect the relationship between man, nature and environment, its aim is to be a knowledge sharing institution that imparts its own particular perspective while instilling a sense of wonder and delight in visitors.

The exhibition circuit is designed to arouse curiosity and awareness of the position we occupy on this planet and how we can stay in harmony with it.

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