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Vikings: Warriors of the North. Giants of the Sea.

Bringing a modern representation of the Viking Age to the 21st century.

Authentic story of the Vikings.

True to the vision of a modern representation of the Vikings, this exhibition uses an immersive approach bringing an amazing collection of artefacts to the 21st century. Large graphics and video projections immerse the visitor in the life and times of the Vikings. Compelling interactives, employing a variety of learning styles, will appeal to all ages and bring the Viking story to life. Throughout this extensive exhibition, visitors will be engaged with all modes of interactivity – tactile, auditory, visual and social interaction.

Highlights and Facts:

  • More than 140 objects dated between 750 and 1100 AD from the National Museum of Denmark. Only seven are replicas.
  • Jewellery, silverware, silver hoards, pottery, dowry caskets, swords, spears, coins, game pieces, clothing, cookware, tools, are some of the extremely diverse collection of objects in this exhibition
  • 1 full-size replica of a Viking boat: Gokstad boat, the Joanna – 6,5 m long, height with sail 4 m. The boat can be displayed outdoors (security to be approved).
  • Key objects such as: two-edged and one-edged swords, Thors hammer, Hedeby and Gold coin, replica of Jelling Stone, trefoil brooch, Lance heads, Dragon head, Animal head, extraordinary well- preserved and detailed mask, Copy of Cammin shrine, etc.

Vikings: Warriors of the North. Giants of the Sea is developed in collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark. The artefacts are drawn from the significant collection of the National Museum of Denmark.

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