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Turn It Up; The power of music

Explore the science behind music’s mysterious hold over us and how it
drives us to create, perform, feel and share. Prepare to get hands-on, with
your ears and hearts open.

Turn it up: The Power Of Music exhibition Manchester

This exhibition will showcase new music-making opportunities that science and technology have unlocked, and the fresh perspectives they are revealing about how music affects our bodies and minds.

Through incredible and intriguing objects, musical commissions and interactive experiences, discover how technological advancements continue to push the limits of music and to make playing music more accessible for everyone.

Immerse yourself in music that is forged where creativity and human ingenuity collide, and interact with extraordinary, unfamiliar and playful musical instruments and performances, created to explore the science of music and to push the boundaries of what’s musically possible.

This riotous hands-on experience will encourage us all to feel, to remember and to reflect on what music means to us and the lives of others.

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