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The Sun: Living with Our Star

Discover the incredible story of our closest star—the Sun—through fun
hands-on experiences, unique objects, and stunning imagery in our latest
touring exhibition.

The Sun is a constant of human existence, but the way we see it has changed profoundly over the centuries. Early cultures had an intimate relationship with the Sun, using it to organise their days, chart their travels and often worshipping it as a deity of fire, life and rebirth. Modern technologies may have made the Sun appear less relevant to our lives, but it remains fundamental to our survival and continues to influence human activity in new and unexpected ways.

The Sun: Living with Our Star charts our ever-changing relationship with the Sun. Bringing together a unique collection of scientific instruments, technological innovations and beautiful artefacts from a wide range of cultures and periods, the exhibition brings the Sun to life and communicates its many qualities and immense power. The content is enhanced by digital interpretation and spectacular immersive elements, including an opportunity to experience the latest solar imagery on a massive scale.

This must-see turnkey exhibition will entrance visitors with fascinating objects, inspiring stories and imaginative design.

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