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As part of its mission,which consists of disseminating the scientific and
technological culture,as well as,presenting the latest scientific
discoveries and news,the Tunis Science City has designed a new exhibition
entitled "Covid-19,"A Pandemic...

Floor area
100 - 250m²
Cité des Sciences à Tunis
For rent

„Look! A robot! An expedition into the digital world“

Floor area
100 - 120m²

Heureka goes Crazy, the first-ever science center exhibition on mental
health. This exhibition aims to dispel prejudices associated with mental
health problems and to encourage people to take care of their own well-being.

Floor area
650 - 700m²
Heureka, the Finnish Science Centre
For rent For sale

Set sail on an interactive journey through the quantum world! Explore the history of the atom, discover the secrets of sub-particles, and learn about black holes, quantum computers, and more. An exhibition on the cutting-edge science and technology of the 21st...

Floor area
150 - 500m²