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Your mission, if you accept it... to dive into the heart of the intelligence services and put yourself in the shoes of an intelligence officer...


Are you ready to dive into the heart of the intelligence community?

The Western Republic, a (fictitious) country placed under surveillance as part of the fight against nuclear proliferation, is suspected of having carried out an underground nuclear test on its territory. A diplomatic crisis has just erupted, and the State is counting on you to step into your secret agent’s suit.

This is the starting point of the Spies exhibition-mission, a collaborative effort between Universcience and TOE - The Oligarchs Editions, in partnership with the producers of the French series “The Bureau” TOP - The Oligarchs Productions and Federation Entertainment.

The exhibition invites the visitor to become an actor in this espionage affair, which is entirely invented, but totally realistic, and to discover the many unexpected professions in the intelligence community.

The exhibition invites the visitor to become an actor in this spy business, entirely invented, but fully realistic, and to discover all the unsuspected professions of intelligence.

An exhibition designed in partnership with CNRLT, DGSE, DGSI, DRM, DSRD, DNRED and Tracfin, and with scientific support from CEA.

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The city of Paris boasts two prestigious centres promoting science and technology, the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie and the Palais de la Découverte. From January 1st, 2010, they have joined forces to create a new institution: Universcience placed under the joint responsibility of the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Ministry for Culture. With almost 3.5 million visitors each year (3 million at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie and 550 000 at the Palais de la découverte), Universcience is the fourth most popular cultural establishment in Paris after the Louvre, Versailles and the Georges-Pompidou Centre.

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