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Space The Final Frontier

A comprehensive exhibition that takes visitors of all ages on a journey in time and space. The labour of love by a current NASA engineer.

SPACE, The final frontier

Space The Final Frontier is a comprehensive exhibition that takes visitors of all ages on a journey in time and space.

The exhibition includes historical pieces, displays, educational material and detailed flight simulators. A huge collection of American, Russian, Chinese and Indian space suits, helmets and space watches, space pens, astronauts’ autographs, memorabilia, NASA programs gear, tools and equipment, spacecraft scale models and plans.

Select among more than twenty videos showing the history of the space age. Try the Apollo CM and LEM highly detailed flight sims, as well as the SpaceShip One simulator! Learn how to use a jet-pack, dock with the International Space Station and learn how to land on the moon using a Lunar Module replica, land the US Space Shuttle on a realistic simulator and try our new Virtual Reality machine.

We invite you to visit one of the greatest achievements of humankind, the Exploration of Space: from the ancient inventions of primitive astronomy, to the sophisticated space telescopes of today, from the first rockets to the advanced Orion and Space Launch System of today, and the prospects of tomorrows spacecrafts that will take us to Mars and beyond.

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