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Sean Kenney's Animal Super Powers made with LEGO® bricks

Invite your guests inside the pages of a real-world super hero story at Animal Super Powers!

Featuring awe-inspiring sculptures made from LEGO® bricks, this new exhibition from artist Sean Kenney showcases creatures who have evolved to possess their very own “super powers” and invites guests to learn the science behind them.
From echolocation to regenerating limbs—the animal kingdom is teeming with super powers, seemingly ripped straight from the pages of our favorite comic books. This exhibition explores the evolutionary, biological, and environmental reasons for these adaptations and provides an entertaining platform through which visitors of all ages can appreciate the wonders of our natural world.
Chock-full of STEAM content, Animal Super Powers will have visitors leaping several buildings in a single bound to get to your venue!

• Evolutionary factors contribute to incredible animal adaptations that help them survive and thrive.
• Imagination, innovation, and engineering are tools that anyone can use to make
something incredible.
• Animals can do things, go places, and perceive the world in ways that humans can’t.

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  • art & science ; nature ; ecology


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