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Science Fiction, Science Future

The future is now! Move objects with your mind! Become invisible! Play games
with a robot! Science Fiction, Science Future brings the science of the
future into the present, sending visitors on a unique journey filled with
science exploration, curiosity and discovery.

Created by the renowned Scitech in Perth, Australia, Science Fiction, Science Future, a visually compelling exhibition, provides opportunities for creativity and innovation on a large scale. Engaging exhibits enable visitors to develop a deeper understanding of how science fiction ideas and concepts might become the science reality of tomorrow. Science Fiction, Science Future engages visitors with exciting hands-on and full-body experiences incorporating robots, invisibility, mind control, holograms, and augmented reality. High impact graphic panels have been designed to explore science principles in everyday terms.

They convey information on medical technology, communication and transport and include links to science fiction films and pop-culture references.

With interactive, engaging exhibits that challenge the mind and body, and a stunning visual environment, this exhibition sets the stage for a unique journey of science exploration, curiosity and discovery.

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