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Pyramids - Fascination Ancient Egypt

Relics from one of the most advanced cultures rise inexplicably from the
deserts in Egypt.

Since their construction 4600 years ago, ancient Egypt’s pyramids and monuments have drawn people’s interest and left them baffled. Egyptian monumental culture has filtered through architecture, furniture, ceramics, jewelry, commercial kitsch, film and politics. But what breeds this lasting obsession with ancient Egypt?

Pyramids - Fascination Ancient Egypt traces and explores the burning fascination with this ancient culture and showcases a unique collection of original, ancient Egyptian finds and original Egyptianesque artifacts.

With highlights, such as a fragment of the oldest obelisk in the world, a full-size reconstruction of the burial chamber of Sennedjem and various detailed models of ancient pyramids and monuments, this is the first comprehensive presentation of Western fascination for ancient Egypt in art and culture.

Highlights and facts:

  • 150 original artifacts from ancient Egypt and Europe
  • 11 true-to-scale models
  • Hands-on elements and films

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