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Prehistory, The investigation

An original investigation into the depths of prehistory

A real pre-historical burial place, discovered in 1928 on Téviec Island, just off Quiberon, France, is at the centre of a thrilling scientific investigation:

Who are these 2 human beings buried next to each other ? What are these objects surrounding their skeletons ? What happened to them ? Which era did they live in ? Go on a hunt for clues: observe, deduce and become an expert pre-historian !

Armed with your study booklet, explore the seven investigation hubs to solve the mystery of Téviec.

  • The central hub
  • The anthropology hub
  • The chronology hub
  • The environment hub
  • The technology hub
  • The societies hub
  • The epilogue hub

With the techniques used by the most innovative experts, explore current methods and discover the secrets of anthropology: DNA collection, Carbon 14 and thermoluminescence dating, etc.

Included in the exhibition:

  • 7 videos
  • 12 multimedia materials
  • 2 models
  • 4 casts
  • 1 interactive experiment

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Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

The Natural History Museum of Toulouse

150 years after its founding, the Museum again opened its doors in 2008 after remaining closed for 10 years while it was undergoing a complete redesign. Now reorganised to reflect the relationship between man, nature and environment, its aim is to be a knowledge sharing institution that imparts its own particular perspective while instilling a sense of wonder and delight in visitors.

The exhibition circuit is designed to arouse curiosity and awareness of the position we occupy on this planet and how we can stay in harmony with it.

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