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Playing with Einstein

Playing with Einstein you will experiment with Galilei’s relativity on a train, walk through a wall with the aid of incredible optical illusions and study reflection phenomena with a biliard cue in hand. You will find mirages, chinese shadows and surprising magnetic fields, discover the mysteries of light and ponder over the four-dimensional world seen from a tramcar travelling at fantastic speeds.

You will meet the famous scientists of the early twentieth century such as Rutherford, Franck and Hertz, Oersted and Faraday and relive their famous experiments in fascinating and original ways.

The texts and images presented on the walls tell also the story of the great man and scientist Albert Einstein, and illustrate the cultural and social atmosphere that was the cradle of his extraordinary discoveries.

The exhibition covers five themes: starting from Einstein’s childhood and the classical mechanics concepts that young Albert devoted his thoughts to at the end of the nineteenth century, to end up with general relativity. The topics covered include waves, light, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, brownian motion and special relativity, all presented in the interactive and playful style of the museum with many exhibits and pleasant texts that anyone can understand.

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