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Physics Interactive

With a focus on physics, technology and perception we have chosen 48 phenomena from nature and living environment which were transformed into interactive exhibits. These exhibits work with water, mechanics, light, sound and they are simple to use and to work with.

These phenomena can be triggered and influenced directly through the visitor - the phenomenon itself is in fact the user interface on a practicable hands on level. It is a selection of sustainable and durable hands on exhibits without electronics when possible. Only genuine phenomena will be shown, no simulations.

The signs at the exhibits are providing short hints to help the visitors to get on the right track, but they're never delivering a complete explanation. The exhibits transparency in design and usability encourages to experiment and discuss openly. People, who have never met before, are starting to discuss and experiment at exhibits and learn from each other. Because answers aren't given immediately, all questions can be asked freely. There is no right and wrong, but there is always the necessity to proof a thesis at the real phenomenon.

This process opens the view to the most basic and exciting subjects in science and allows a quality of teamwork and individual insight, which is as unique as every team member.

All Exhibits are developed and manufactured in our own workshops and tested in our own Exhibition with over 75.000 visitor a year. This guarantees a very good durability and usability.

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