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OUR JOURNEY IN SPACE - Join the space station of the future!

Our Journey in Space offers a captivating glimpse into current space
activities and prospective missions anticipated over the next three decades.
The exhibition is set against a near-future backdrop, where humanity has
returned to the Moon.

Matkalla avaruudessa | Heureka

Embark on an Extraordinary Space Journey!

We are journeying through space on the best spaceship that ever existed – planet Earth. How do we ensure that our ship remains in good condition and protected from external threats? Human space activities are essential for protecting Earth and all its inhabitants.

Would you like to be a space professional and take part in an array of thrilling space missions in our action-packed exhibition. Welcome aboard the Space Station of the Future!

Sustainable space activities

Increasing awareness of ongoing space activities and future endeavors is crucial. Space activities are increasing rapidly, and we are dependent on space in many ways in our everyday lives. We need to strive for sustainable use of space and its resources.

Step into the shoes of space professionals!

In the Space Station area, you get to engage in asteroid deflection, space debris cleanup, space probe design, and even vote in the Parliament of Space. You can also undertake repairs on the space station and experience the weightlessness of space!

Venture into the Moon area to explore lunar resources and marvels and embark on a simulated voyage to Mars and confront the challenges of interplanetary travel through a high-energy group game experience.


The exhibition is suitable for all audiences.

Key Message

Diverse space activities and operations are essential in taking good care of Earth – our best spaceship.

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+358 40 9015255



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