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The Nature Exchange

The Nature Exchange is a permanently installed learning environment that encourages people of all ages to appreciate nature and to learn about the biological and physical components of our environment through observation,background research,and responsible collecting.

Traders' Goods: The Nature Exchange at Springs Preserve

Do your visitors love to collect things?

How about exploring nature and learning all that they can about their natural environment? Then the Nature Exchange is a natural fit for you!

In 1984, when Science North opened its doors, the Swap Shop (as the Nature Exchange was called at the time) became one of the most popular visitor exhibits. As a natural trading center, it's a place where people can bring items from nature and trade for other natural items from the constantly changing Nature Exchange collection.

“The goal is to help encourage people to practice real science skills,” said Marie McConnell, the Telus World of Science staff scientist in charge of the Nature Exchange. “We’re asking people to be curious in nature, to ask questions, to answer those questions by doing research and to share what they’ve learned. And that’s the backbone of science.”

The Nature Exchange is a unique learning environment for visitors. It relies on the individual trading of natural items, giving visitors a personalized experience with every visit.

Locations are completely customizable for your space. The branding has been updated and refreshed.


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Science North

Science North is Northern Ontario’s most popular tourist attraction and an educational resource for children and adults across the province. Science North maintains the second- and eighth-largest science centres in Canada: Science North, featuring an IMAX® theatre, digital Planetarium, butterfly gallery and Special Exhibits Hall, and Dynamic Earth – Home of the Big Nickel, an earth sciences centre.

In addition to the two science centres in Sudbury, Science North also oversees an award-winning Large Format Film production unit and an Exhibit Sales and Service unit, which develops custom and ready-made exhibits for sale or lease to science centres, museums, and other cultural institutions all over the world.

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