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Musik: From Sound to Emotion

Create your own musical excerpt with a digital headset and discover how music can express a whole range of emotions. Let musicians and scientists guide you through the exhibition's six different zones while you choose rhythms, melodies and tones to bring your creation to life. Then share it with your friends!

Come and discover how music can express a wide range of emotions by creating your own music excerpt using an MP3 player. Both professional musicians and scientists will guide you in the 6 major areas of this experience, including choosing the rhythms, melodies and tones that will make up your musical creation. Then share it with your friends! Have virtual meetings with music researchers from internationally-recognized laboratories who study the science of music, and participate in activities inspired by their research. It’s sure to be an enlightening experience. Before entering the exhibition, each visitor is given a digital music player with a custom application created especially for this exhibition. It contains various functions and information associated with each step of the mission “Create your own piece of music!” Objectives: - Discover the importance of the brain in experiencing music, from composing to listening and performing. - Discover the various scientific aspects of music through experimentation. - Experience creating an original piece of music. - Showcase the various international renowned laboratories and researchers working on music.

Activities (examples):

  • Participate in a jam session with virtual percussions
  • Use balls to create rhythms on a sequencer
  • Listen to a melody in a variety of musical styles
  • Listen to a musical extract of 500 milliseconds and decide whether it is happy or sad
  • Group musical excerpts according to their style
  • Listen to different instruments and observe their sound waves
  • Associate the "attack" with the proper instrument
  • Play the electric guitar with a virtual tutorial
  • Test various materials and create simplified instruments


Audience: 8-14 year-olds
Exhibition surface : 500 m2 (5000 ft2)
Exhibition capacity: 120 visitors
Visit duration: 45-60 minutes

Developed in collaboration with fifteen scientists and experts.

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  • science
  • music
  • emotions


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