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Ming: The Golden Empire

Ming: The Golden Empire is a stunning touring exhibition which tells the
story of one of the most famous periods in Chinese history. 

This spectacular exhibition expands the experience of Ming art and artefacts beyond the famous blue and white porcelain to reveal the social, economic, artistic and architectural developments that have marked the Ming era as the Golden Age of ancient China. ​

Ming: The Golden Empire is a stunning exhibition which tells the story of one of the most famous periods in Chinese history through a collection of more than 130 spectacular masterpieces of the Ming dynasty from Nanjing Museum, China.

Ming, literally translated as ‘brilliant’, was a long and stable dynasty which saw revolutionary social reform, technological advancement, the emergence of a burgeoning consumerism and a thriving culture of literature and arts.

The critically-acclaimed exhibition presents a collection of exquisite treasures which rarely leave China, from everyday objects once belonging to ordinary Ming subjects to rare and luxurious artefacts of the imperial court, offering visitors a unique rediscovery of the fascinating dynasty which ruled over China 1368–1644.

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