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The travelling exhibition is a cooperation with the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. The lenders are two of the most important collections in the world: The National Museum of Guatemala and the La Ruta Maya Foundation. The exhibition includes approx. 250 original artefacts.

Deep in the tropical rain forests of South America lie the ruins of an age of magnificence. There, the Maya civilization reached improbable heights and mysteriously collapsed more than a thousand years ago. Since the discovery of this ‘lost culture,’ the Mayas have fueled our imagination. Taking a cultural-ecological approach, the exhibition’s significant collection of authentic artefacts, mostly from the period from 200 until 900 AD, reconstruct a holistic image of Mayan culture, society, writings, artworks, astronomy, mathematics and religious concepts of the universe and nature.

The unique exhibition design, alluding original Mayan pyramids and architecture, gives visitors the opportunity to find out about the astonishing accomplishments of the Mayas, decipher hieroglyphs, learn about the intricate Mayan calendar, explore the fascinating ancient burial site of Uxul or help the Maya girl ‘lxchel’ to prepare an original Mayan feast.

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