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Map it!

Undertake a quest across land, sea, and space to explore the role of mapping and navigation in everyday life.

Maps are created using layers of data to help us understand the world around us and guide how we interact with it. Mapping and navigation has been at the heart of the human experience since the dawn of our species, underpinning advancements
in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) over millennia.
In Map it! visitors will use different navigational tools and techniques to find their way through dangerous reefs and shipwrecks, escape a virtual building in an emergency, and pilot a simulated underwater exploration vehicle. They can operate a real sonar scanner to map themselves and their friends, or take on the challenge of a giant game of Battleships.
Visitors have the chance to explore the intricate global ocean currents using real-world scientific modelling by tracking the movement of debris from a spilled cargo container full of rubber ducks. Using the oldest navigational techniques known to
humankind, visitors will learn to use the stars to find their way across both land and ocean, just as our ancestors did tens of thousands of years ago.
Throughout Map It! visitors will be captivated and surprised in the quest to explore cities, oceans, and the night sky, and develop their own mapping skills as they complete the quest map and uncover hidden layers of information.

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  • geography; astronomy; map; physics; maths


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