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Large selection of classic exhibits for sale

Large collection of classic science exhibits for sale

Due to a large renovation we want to offer some of our classic exhibits up for sale.

Technopolis is currently renovating it's complete exhibition space. To make way for the new exhibitions we want to sell some of our older classical stuff.

We've selected approximately 80 exhibits that, with the proper care, still have several decades of entertaining and educating in them.

Exhibits like: the Zootrope, the Coriolis wheel, An optical table, A liquid whirler, a basket robot, And/Or/Not ports, solar power planes, .... and many more. Pricing List available soon.

They can be sold individualy or as a whole. All exhibits are used and come with labeltexts in three, in some case four, languages (Dutch, French, English and German) Apart from the normal aftersales support we offer no extended technical support. They are sold in their current working condition and state.

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Technopolis endeavours to fascinate everyone with science and technology no matter who or where they are. Up until recently, Technopolis was best known for its popular science centre in Mechelen, which is frequented by especially young families and schools. However, in recent years Technopolis has become a brand for all kinds of activities both inside and outside of Technopolis, both online and offline.

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