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The Jungle Bunch, The exhibition

Live an adventure in the middle of the jungle !

Designed specifically for children, "The Jungle Bunch, The exhibition" gives them the opportunity to go on a mission with their favorite characters, while raising awareness of the protection of the ecosystem and the environment.

The scenario of the exhibition is built around a MISSION. Miguel, the gorilla part of the Jungle Bunch's team is missing. Maurice, the leader of the band, will soon understand why. Melina, the otter who seeks to seize power in the jungle, kidnapped him and locked him in a cage. Having learned that forillas had a high market value in the world, she tries to sell him...

Our young visitors, armed with their survey book, must answer 5 main questions about the environment, species preservation, tropical rainforest, threats to the ecosystems, ... in order to find the secret code that will open Miguel's cage.

Content of the exhibition :

  • 5 specimens and casts and 5 sculptures of the Jungle Bunch characters
  • 8 original videos of the Jungle Bunch
  • 4 hands-on including 2 team games
  • 1 multiplayer multimedia quiz "Test your knowledge of the jungle"

Topics covered :

  • The tropical rainforest
  • The canopy
  • The interactions between species
  • Threats to the environment and ecosystems
  • Focus on the endangered species of the gorilla
  • Scientific content transcribed in an original and fun way

A coproduction between the Natural history museum of Toulouse and the Animation Studio TAT productions.

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Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

The Natural History Museum of Toulouse

150 years after its founding, the Museum again opened its doors in 2008 after remaining closed for 10 years while it was undergoing a complete redesign. Now reorganised to reflect the relationship between man, nature and environment, its aim is to be a knowledge sharing institution that imparts its own particular perspective while instilling a sense of wonder and delight in visitors.

The exhibition circuit is designed to arouse curiosity and awareness of the position we occupy on this planet and how we can stay in harmony with it.

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