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Josef Ressel – The Man who Propelled Vessels

In 2007, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of death of Josef Ressel, a forward-thinking forest warden and versatile inventor, of Bohemian origins and Austrian citizenship, who worked in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. To honour his life and work, the Technical Museum of Slovenia made an exhibition, created with the co-operation of various international institutions and experts. 

Josef Ressel was born in 1793 in Crudim, Bohemia, and died in 1857 in Ljubljana. In addition to being a great inventor – he was granted the patent for the invention of a ship’s screw - he was also active in the field of forestry, and a great many other fields of technical engineering. By displaying many of Ressel's inventions and patents, the exhibition in the Technical Museum of Slovenia presents to the public the universal creativity of this great mind.

By displaying the statue of Josef Ressel, a video about his time, life and work, a working model of ship's screw, twenty exhibition panels and nine models of his inventions and patents, the exhibition tries to present diversity and creativity of his work.

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Technical Museum of Slovenia

The Technical Museum of Slovenia is located at Bistra near Vrhnika, on the southwestern margins of the broad and flat Ljubljana Basin, some 22 km from the nation’s capital. It is housed in what was originally a monastery but later became a grand mansion. Both settlement and manor take their name from the clear karstic springs, which issue forth from under the adjacent wooded hillside. Rebuilt and refashioned on several occasions, Bistra has enjoyed a variety of cultural, political, economic and social roles over the centuries.

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