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The International Space Station: Living and Working in Space

This free ready-to-print exhibition from the Ecsite Space Group tells you all
about the astronauts’ daily life in the extraordinary environment that is
the International Space Station!

This free ready-to-print exhibition, developed by Cité de l'espace under the auspices of the Ecsite Space Group and with the support of the European Space Agency - ESA and Ecsite, will help your visitors discover the astronauts’ daily life in the extraordinary environment that is the International Space Station (ISS)!

The exhibition consists of 11 exhibition panels illustrated with data graphics and spectacular images from recent ISS European missions. Their design was inspired by the loss of reference points experienced during weightlessness.

Talking about the ‘space way of life’ is a great opportunity to discuss a myriad of related topics such as sustainability, extreme environments, health and the human body. With the ISS exhibition, you can do so by exploring four thematic areas:

  • Module 1 - European astronauts, ESA and the ISS (1 panel)
  • Module 2 - What you must know about Space (3 panels)
  • Module 3 - Welcome aboard the ISS (3 panels)
  • Module 4 - Living and working is Space: Astronaut "Jack of all trades" (2 panels) & In the body of an astronaut (2 panels)

The exhibition is accompanied by two hands-on educational activities about space flight developed by the Tycho Brahe Planetarium (Denmark) and ESA Exhibition panels focused on the ISS, ESA astronauts and the next steps in Space exploration.

For more information on how to gain access to this exhibition, consult the catalogue available below and visit its dedicated resource page.

Photographs courtesy of Jardin des sciences, Université de Strasbourg – N.Busser-CNRS-IPHC.

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The exhibition contains: vectorized “ready-to-print” files in PDF format and corresponding non-vectorized files in AI format and text files for translation purposes. The panels are designed to be printed in the 180 cm x 80 cm format.




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