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IMPACT - Biodiversity at stake

Embark on a unique journey to discover Earth's biodiversity, from the
appearance of life on Earth to the richness of today’s biodiversity, and
the current crisis.

NEW EXHIBITION - October 2022

One million animal species and plants are threatened with extinction in the coming decades. The report of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), approved in early May in Paris, paints an alarming picture of the decline of species and biodiversity, "causing serious effects on human populations worldwide".

The purpose of the exhibition is to raise the public's awareness of the preservation of biodiversity through a chronological journey, divided into three independent "worlds", from the appearance of life on Earth, to mass extinctions, to the current biodiversity crisis. Without falling into catastrophism, the discourse is positif and hopeful.

The health crisis we are currently going through will also be addressed through a complementary and independent content on viruses. It will attempt to explain the origin and the role of viruses in ecosystems and evolution, but also the factors that contribute to their emergence and propagation.


Why Host IMPACT?

Original natural history collection: 15 specimens and casts from the collections of the Toulouse Natural History Museum, with opportunities to integrate local collections.

Interactivity: immersive projection room, multimedia game, AV stations, hands on experiences, digital interactives.

Collection of Sculptures: extinct species represented by large origami sculptures.

Photography collection: large prints of photographs by Matthieu Pujol wildlife photographer and biologist.

Content partnership: partnership with ARTE on a mini-series "Data Science vs Fake".


From a former exhibition, the furniture for this exhibition was designed by using 95% recycled wood.

The Museum of Toulouse has chosen to improve and optimise production and life-cycle costs in order to integrate them as much as possible into the circular economy.

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Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse

The Natural History Museum of Toulouse

150 years after its founding, the Museum again opened its doors in 2008 after remaining closed for 10 years while it was undergoing a complete redesign. Now reorganised to reflect the relationship between man, nature and environment, its aim is to be a knowledge sharing institution that imparts its own particular perspective while instilling a sense of wonder and delight in visitors.

The exhibition circuit is designed to arouse curiosity and awareness of the position we occupy on this planet and how we can stay in harmony with it.

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