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Look closely, ask the right questions, take risks, be inspired. This show is about innovation and how to make it happen.


As humans we innovate to survive. It has driven the evolution of our civilization and the progress and quality of our everyday lives. Creating a culture of innovation will help us to survive and thrive as we meet new challenges – from environmental concerns to global conflicts. Whether your field is art or engineering – innovate, and you open exciting new pathways to explore.

Do you have what it takes to innovate?

• Are you a good observer?
• Do you ask the right questions?
• Are you willing to take risks?
• Where do you get your inspiration and do you inspire others?

You will soon find out as you open up your thinking, reflect on what you learn and create something new with IMAGINATE! – a multi-activity exhibition that introduces participants to the skills and attitudes that are part of the process of innovation.

• 6000 sq. ft. (557 sq. m.) exhibition
• Flexible design to accommodate many types of display areas
• Multi-station interactive exhibits

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Ontario Science Centre

The Ontario Science Centre addresses central themes in science with highly interactive exhibits that inform as they entertain and delight.

We create engaging science experiences for ourselves and for our client-partners at science centres, museums, associations and other institutions in North America and around the world.

Our clients choose to lease our travelling exhibits because they trust the integrity of our science, the entertainment value of our designs, the quality our craftsmanship and the rock-solid reliability of our customer support and service.

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