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IMAGINARY - Through the Eyes of Mathematics

The exhibition sets out to evoke interest and curiosity in mathematics.
Visitors are encouraged to interact with the exhibits and create their own
mathematical artwork using special software.

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"IMAGINARY – through the eyes of mathematics” is an travelling exhibition by the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach originally developed for the Year of Mathematics 2008 in Germany. Its intention is to display visualizations, interactive installations, virtual realities, 3D objects and their theoretical background in algebraic geometry and in singularity theory in an attractive and understandable manner. As an open source available exhibition, it has been shown in more than 100 cities in 30 countries and attracted more than 2 million visitors. Often, due to its free content, the exhibition is locally produced and managed but IMAGINARY gGmbH also offers a rental exhibition that we send throughout Europe. It works both as a stand-alone show or as basis in addition with other IMAGINARY or self-produced exhibits.

The rental exhibition contains:

  • Interactive programs: Two stations with 55’’ monitors and floorstands, showing the exhibits SURFER and MathToTouch. With SURFER visitors can experience the relation between formulas and forms, and connect mathematics and art in an interactive way. MathToTouch features applications to play with mathematical concepts, for example swarm behaviour, symmetry groups or spiral patterns.
  • Picture Gallery: Selection of 15 pictures created by mathematicians and artists. All pictures contain a mathematical description of their content.
  • Sculptures: Five artworks 3D-printed from original mathematical data. Partly connected to the picture gallery or to other IMAGINARY exhibits such as the polyeder family chart.

The exhibition is ready to be shown with a minimum of mounting, such as hanging pictures and labels, arranging sculptures, assemble floor stands and monitors and plug in and start the computers. It is available in many languages; however, the labels need to be produced by the client (layout and print).

Furthermore, in addition to renting out the exhibition we offer customized solutions to increase the uniqueness of the event, for instance developing applications for your thematic focus.

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  • Modern Mathematics; Interactive; Science&Arts; STEAM



IMAGINARY creates and distributes interactive exhibits that communicate modern mathematics to the general public. As a non profit organization we promote mathematical education and knowledge worldwide by offering all content under an open license on our website imaginary.org. We empower people to organize local exhibitions and hence carry modern mathematics to every corner on earth. Our philosophy and international network of math enthusiasts help us to constantly develop our content, to produce new exhibits and to establish IMAGINARY as think tank for modern mathematics communication.

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