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Genghis: Rise of the Mongol Khans

This blockbuster exhibition is the most comprehensive introduction to Genghis
Khan and the Mongol empire ever presented internationally. 

An epic tale of extraordinary determination and military might. A quest for world domination. A period of unprecedented social, cultural and religious transformation. This is the story of one of the largest continuous land empires ever known to man and the powerful Mongol Khans that shaped it – as it has never been told before.

Reaching beyond the often-told tales of the life of Genghis Khan, the exhibition expands the story of the Mongols to reveal a remarkable history which spans from the ancient nomadic origins of the Mongol tribe to beyond the fall of the Yuan dynasty in 1368.

Through a fascinating collection of treasures, the exhibition travels through the extraordinary achievements and legacy of the Great Mongol Khans, exploring how Genghis and his successors united the warring tribes of the steppes and went on to control a vast empire which, at its height, stretched from the Pacific Ocean to central Europe.

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