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ENERGY 2001. Experimenting with the present to design the future

Energy 2001 is an interactive exhibition dedicated to energy. The challenge this event has accepted is the following: is it possible to speak of such a complex issue in a rigorous and at the same time entertaining way?

The exhibition does it through over 40 interactive experiments: the section “Phenomena … and marvels” proposes a sequence of spectacular experiments that illustrate the hidden mechanisms of physical phenomena involving energy. Phenomena at times surprisingly simple, at others complex, but always capable of entertainingly explaining the history of Man's knowledge of Nature. The section “Systems … and problems” explores energy transformations in complex systems, from the tiny cell to the large city, with the aim of explaining the problems connected to the unsustainable exploitation of our energy resources, and how a rational use of energy could improve the health conditions of our planet and of all of its inhabitants

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MUSE - Museo delle Scienze

Located in Trento (NE Italy), the Museum of Science MUSE is a public insitution devoted to people's science engagement. It is dedicated to research the natural environment & intepret the landscape, in particular of the mountain areas, to promote sustainable development and innovation.

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