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Turning energy around!
Providing the world with sustainable energy
is one of the greatest challenges of our time.
Yet this goal is within our reach – if more and more people
are involved in the process of energy transition.

The Deutsches Museum has developed an exhibition theme
which attempts to explain this massive undertaking
and to encourage public participation: energie.wenden
(literally meaning “turning energy around”).
It sheds light on background information and explains
basic facts and necessities. But it also shows what has already been
achieved in various parts of the world and illustrates
a number of exciting – and occasionally surprising – international projects.

An integrated game deeply engages the visitors with the exhibition:
they take on the role of a politician and are invited to shape
their own personal energy transition!

Prologue The history of energy transitions is displayed as a visual chronology.
Streching along the whole extent of the wall from the past to the future.

The Game Confronted with facts and questions regarding renewable energy systems as well as with opinionated stakeholders, the player are enabled to choose between different political measures and to conduct their own personal energy transition.

With this approach we inspire especially students and young adults – the future decision makers – to actively participate in the energy transition process.

The 10 thematic rooms are also contain a wide variety of 15 interactives, all of which rely on the vast experience of the Deutsches Museum in the development of interactive exhibits. There are 150 exhibits including 92 original objekts, 25 Models and 18 media stations.

Now on display at Deutsches Museum available for rent from September 2018

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