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Charley Harper, Illustrating wildlife

Presented only twice in Europe, Charley Harper's work is well known to many of us. Illustrator of theyears famous textbook "The giant golden book of biology", he has offered us, over the years, many unique, minimalist illustrations.

CMC Q&A - Brett Harper on the Art and Activism of Charley Harper

Environmental activist, Charley Harper is an artist who bridges the gap between figurative and realistic painting styles, whether working by layering acrylic paints or embracing a printing method called silk screening, his hand is unmistakable. Silk screening, the layering of separately screened forms printed on top of each other to create a full image, is a production nightmare that often yields more mistakes than masterpieces.

For Charley Harper, the result are bold, colorful, and often whimsical prints.

During his career, Charley Harper has illustrated numerous books and magazines such as Ford Times Magazine, as well as posters and other works for American environmental organizations such as the National Park Service, the Cincinnati Nature Center, the Everglades National Park, and many more.


This New 2D panel exhibition is delivered digitally and designed to be flexible for indoor and outdoor display.

Package includes more than 30 large-format high resolution images and 2 informational panels. Also available a selection of digital content to enhance the visitor experience plus a press toolkit and detailed list of merchandises available for purchase.


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